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A little about me, I sing too...

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Music is my first love. I started singing at the age of 5 in church. Music was taken very serious in my family. Deep down, I can still hear the songs and harmonies. I can still see the red carpet and hardwood floors, the hymnals. I can still smell the fresh coffee and a cigarette my uncle would have every time I saw him. My uncle Charles H. Chambers instilled in me at a young age how Gods music would soothe the darkest soul and bring light to anyone or any space. He taught me the basics, my foundation. The day he left this earth I felt the heaviest lump in my chest, who would teach me?, who will guide me now?, no one loved music more than him. He was my first musical influence and I promised him in his hospital bed, the day before he transitioned, that I wouldn't stop singing. I love him and miss him, and will always carry him in my spirit.

The gift to sing has afforded me to live a good life, full of big and small stages. I've traveled the world, from Russia to Indonesia. Jamaica to Paris, God has been good. I'll always sing and write music, its in my blood. No matter what newness comes into my life, MUSIC stays. it grounds me. It's healing, even the softness hum can calm my fears and take away doubt. What better gift than to be vessel of sound, the one thing that doesn't need permission to enter the body. Thats a powerful gift. I use it responsibly.

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